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Warm/Cold Therapy Compression Sleeve

Warm/Cold Therapy Compression Sleeve

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🌬️ Discover the Ultimate Comfort with Cold Therapy Relief! 🌡️

🔥 Introducing the Gel Cold Therapy Sleeve Wrap 🔥

Versatile. Effective. Reusable.

360° Cold Compression Coverage 🔄

Experience complete and precise relief with our cutting-edge hot and cold compression ice pack sleeve. It offers 360° coverage, contouring perfectly to your body, ensuring 100% coverage for your treatment area. 

🌬️ Discover the Ultimate in Elbow Pain Relief and Recovery! 🌡️

1. Cool Comfort with 180g Ice Silk Lycra Fabric ❄️ Experience the soothing sensation of our premium ice sleeve. Made with 180g ice silk Lycra fabric, it feels cool and silky against your skin. The fabric is not only thick but also stretchy, making it easy to wear.

2. Slip-On Design for Instant Relief 🙌 Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple straps, wraps, or ice bags. Our compression sleeve provides instant pain relief and cold compression therapy with its slip-on design. You can wear it in seconds, effortlessly.

3. Expert-Grade Soft Gel for Total Coverage 🤝 Our reusable elbow ice wrap is designed for the best user experience. The expert-grade soft gel remains highly flexible even when frozen at -18 degrees. It perfectly molds to your elbow, forearm, or wrist, offering 360° compression therapy and complete coverage for your treatment area. Available in three sizes, it's a versatile solution for both left and right arms.

4. Quick Relief for Faster Recovery ⏰ Designed for quicker recovery, our elbow cold ice packs offer 20 minutes of instant pain relief and cold compression therapy. Perfect for addressing swelling, inflammation, sprains, arthritis, joint pain, post-surgery recovery, and injury rehabilitation.

5. Durable, Leak-Proof, and Skin-Friendly 🌟 We've prioritized quality and safety. Our ice pack sleeve is constructed with strong stitching that's tear and split-resistant, preventing leaks and ensuring long-term reusability. The soft solid gel is expert-grade and leak-proof, making it safe for all ages and sensitive skin. Even when frozen, it remains soft yet durable.

🎉 Experience the Difference in Pain Management! 🎉 Invest in your comfort and well-being with our advanced ice sleeve. Whether you're recovering from an injury, dealing with arthritis, or seeking post-surgery relief, our COMPRESSION SLEEVE ice wrap is here to support you.

360 degree head coverage for ease of movement and faster recovery.

Muscles and joints will get immediate relief whether it’s inflammation, swelling, strains, sprains, or general pain management. The flexible wrap is great for use on the knee, elbow, bicep, hamstring, thigh, quad, calf, or ankle. Ideal for people who play basketball, football, soccer, run, climb, and more.

The flexible ice pack is great on the knee, elbow, bicep, hamstring, thigh, quad, calf, or ankle. The reusable ice pack makes it ideal for anyone.

Perfect for Hot Or Cold Therapy!

Cold Therapy

Place in the freezer for at least 2 hours inside the plastic bag provided (or use your own freezer bag). Place on desired area for approximately 15 minutes for ideal recommended use. Best used after showering or washing the area.

You can also keep your sleeve in the freezer so that its always ready!

Hot Therapy

IMPORTANT: Remove sleeve from any plastic bags and make sure it is at room temperature. Sleeve CANNOT be cold. Microwave at 20 seconds and add 10 second increments until it reaches desired temperature. All microwaves may vary.

🎉 Embrace the Future of Pain Relief! 🎉 Elevate your comfort and well-being with our Gel Cold Therapy Sleeve Wrap. Whether it's post-injury recovery or soothing everyday discomfort, our innovative sleeve has you covered.

❄️ Revitalize Your Life with Cold Therapy Comfort! ❄️

Find comfort in this stretchable, single-piece, form-fitting reusable sleeve. Choose from 3 different size variations -- S, M, L-- for the perfect fit.

S : Bottom 18--30CM; Top 23-42CM

M : Bottom 24--50CM; Top 27-60CM

L: Bottom 30--60CM; Top 33-70CM

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